So, Are you getting married ;)?

They seem to research forever to decide on a car, and
invariably go for a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. They collect all the
coupons for Vons and Ralph’s, look for deals for TVs, apartments, you
name it. But somehow, when it comes to marriage, all they need is a

 In any case, I have always felt Indian guys are at the bottom of the dating chain.

Interesting, writeup 😉

Update: This is not my writeup but an article written by someone else on rediff.


5 thoughts on “So, Are you getting married ;)?”

  1. Arjun,

    First lets make your writeup narrow. I guess by Indian guys you mean guys who are away from their homes and in all probability in foreign lands making a visit home once in couple of years. Still they want to marry someone from their own backgrounds and who shares the same thoughts as they do( i guess this would ne universally true).

    Now there is a grain of truth about the one month period. But the whole process is much more than one month period. In this world blogs, IMs, emails, cheap phone calls and friends on every continent on earth – process takes any where from months to years. It is the final yes that takes place in the “mythical indian man month” you talk about.

  2. this is funny, but so true. I work almost %70 with indian programmers, and everytime one of them goes home, they come back, married. I found this unbelievable, but,now I am used to it. I can’t understand it of course.
    As far as dating, most of the ones I work with, would love dating american/western girls.. But, i find indian guys to be extremely shy, and as I try to coach them, i realize they really don’t know how to even look at a woman’s eyes.

    The ones i work with, seem to do everything in groups.. They have their own friends etc, and they travel, go to the movies, restaurants,etc, in herds..
    Overall, it is a different culture.. I am not sure, if they are willing to assimilate into the american culture or not. So far, i haven’t seen much signs of that, they stay in their own world, outsiders. Fremont is like little india,with their own shops, movie stores, clothing stores, everything…
    What i laugh about is that, they can’t look straight into my eyes..

  3. chiara,
    the herding phenomenon is actually common in *all* Asian cultures – doesn’t matter if you’re in Mumbai or Shanghai. Of course, recent immigrants bring over their culture to the US, or wherever they go. Much like myself; I’m from North Carolina, but I live in London now. I stay up all hours listening to the Tarheels’ basketball games, I watch NFL on satellite, and even trek all the way across town for a decent tex-mex at an American chain restaurant (Chili’s in Canary Wharf in case anyone’s wondering).
    They show all the major US TV programs, of course all the movies, etc.

    But remember, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Case in point: I talk with my dad about how bad England is at cricket. Cricket! For god’s sake! I couldn’t tell you what a LBW was three years ago but I can curse the umpire when he misses one now!

  4. chiara…fremont…sunnyvale …its the same..some of the guys live together…sometimes 4-5 in a single apt..naturally, they tend to hang out together….!

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