Search for RSS aggregator over!

After 2 years of using different aggregators and moving
from one to another, I believe I have settled down on a RSS reader. I
started reader blogs using my browser and bookmarks, then came alone
Sharpreader and then I started reading blogs on my palm using plucker,
then moved back to sharpreader. Finally found FeedDemon and I just love

This software provides a wonderful interface and the
organisation of the app is really nice! Here are some of the features
that differentiates with the other apps that I have used.

  • The newspaper interface – Very cool! Just get up
    everymorning or evening and update the group newspaper and voila, you
    have the updated newspaper! (*there are some quirks on some pages)
  • Ingerated browser interface – It has integrated Web
    browser into the app and really cool part is tabbed browsing for IE 😉
    Pretty sweet!
  • Auto RSS feed importing – when you browse to a blog
    and import the blog, just click on the XML icon and voila, it brings up
    the import dialog and import it right away! Also tried importing an
    OPML feed and the darn thing just works!
  • Existing RSS feeds – This App comes with bundled list
    of RSS feeds. Some really cool feeds that I had not subscribed to. This
    is one cool feature for a newbie. If you are a newbie and have not
    chosen a feed reader, this is one compelling reasons to choose it.
  • Email/Blogging integration – You can email/blog the entries that you read/visit. pretty neat!
  • Synchronisation with online directory – Wish Yahoo
    supports opml like they support bookmarks. Think of the power of
    syncing up with Work and Home.
  • Im yet to explore news bin and Watches. Stay tuned for more info.

Features that I would like to see in FreeDaemon

  • Support for Mozilla/Firebird – Not sure how easy it
    is for BRad to add it. Adding IE support using Win32/MFC is pretty
    simple, you just need to use CHTMLView.
  • Email/blog/bookmark all tabs/browser windows open. This would be a cool feature.
  • Exporting all the channel groups, I just see support
    to export one channel group (A group of rss feeds) but one could have
    multiple Channel groups and if I want to export the whole setup to be
    imported @ work, then im kinda stuck! Would be nice to see if an export
    and import feeddaemon config file.
  • Support for large OPML files – FeedDaemon has issues
    with a large OPML file(imported as a Channel Group in my case 125
    feeds. It recommends that we split it, but its a pain to split 100+ rss
    feeds. I would rather have the tool automatically split it for me.
  • Notification of updates for RSS feed – Would love to see a notification like the one on MSN messenger that shows me the title.

All in all, a neat app! I would not mind paying for this when it comes out! Grab it here.


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