More blog tools

BlogPulse Key Phrases, Key People, BlogBites, and Top Links
are mined daily from new entries in over 70,000 weblogs using machine
learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques.

Neat! I was thinking on these lines and boom what do you know there is
already someone who has implemented it! *darn*  The next step
would be combine this technology with geourl. Think about the
ramifications of this technology, Huge! Let me explain,  Lets
assume one wants to know what is being discussed in a particular
country. You dont need to rely on CNN and bbc all the time. Just look @
the blog pulse for that country (using geourl).

Lets take the application to the next level, lets assume big companies
want to know what their customers are talking about in their blogs.
Take for example Microsoft, their customer base is huge! These use
newsgroups and events like the PDC to address their client base and
their developers. They could use this technology to see what their
community is talking about. The information would bubble up thro the
clutter and that is HUGE.

Alrite, I do know that this technology is in its nascent stages but if the promise is kept than oppurtunities are immense!

Feels like 1999 all over again, if only the job market improves!


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