India blocks a Yahoo site

India blocks a Yahoo site

BANGALORE, INDIA – India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued orders to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the country to block the url (uniform resource locator), according to a government statement Monday.

Was supposidly done because the site contained material against the government of India. I can get to the site (I live in the US) but cant access the messages as the bandwidth for the group on yahoo has been exhausted. I find this proposterous! This is not Pakistani television to be banned! Freaking morons, folks who read this are educated and Im suprised and ashamed that the government does not trust its educated citizens to make their decision. This is not a medium where the uneducated are going to be biased. Must have been a *Moron* of the first order who passed this order. What the heck is nasscom doing?

All this is the name of the largest democracy! Come on now! Im appalled!


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