Interesting argument to the Verisign hoopla

VeriSign changes prompt privacy warnings, anger

BOSTON – Privacy advocates are warning that recent changes to the .com and .net database of domain names by VeriSign could violate the privacy of millions of Internet users, inadvertently sending confidential e-mail content and Web surfing data to VeriSign’s systems.

I understood the Verisign issue when I accidental tried something. To say the least I was fuming and fustrated. And it so happened my cabin mate and I started discussing about this issue and I was rather puzzled to hear his point of view

I like this new page, atleast Im getting a page and I dont mind the company making money. Its better than an empty page and the stupid error.

Well after talking to him about the ramifications about this change, he kinda agrees. Interestingly I realise, it does make sense to have a page to the end user rather than a page not found error. Im sure for the non technical folks that makes no sense, they would make rather see the page verisign puts up. The suggestion that I came up with lasted for a few hours 😉 It made absolute sense to me to point to the open directory rather than verisign’s page. Its open and people can explore what they would like to.

That argument was ok till I realised that Verisign was being sued by companies that had a business revolving around this 😉 Interesting .. May be it just make sense to leave things as they stand look for a solution .. Oh well.


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