Freeroller issues

I have 2 major issues with Freeroller and both unfortunately have to do with posting 😦

  • Midas editor is not available. I pressume that this disappeared when Freeroller was upgraded to 0.9.8RC1. I hope Dave enables it again 😦
  • Enabling Blogger API – This doesnt seem to work. I click the check box hit update web site settings. Im told settings take effect and then when I click settings the check box is not enabled.

I tried to login from w.bloggar and it cant seem to login(I get HTTP Post errors). Not sure if this is a freeroller problem, although I suspect it is related to the second issue of blogger API.



One thought on “Freeroller issues”

  1. I added midas back in. Sorry about that.

    I can’t duplicate your problems with the Blogger API checkbox. It works fine for me. I can enable and disable it – no problem. And I just tried posting with w.bloggar and it works fine.

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