Jakarta for Mono?

Anne thomas manes writes about starting a “Jakarta for mono project” and in it she talks about how DCOM on unix.

“I’ve feared that it would go the way of DCOM on Unix. (DCOM is an Open Group standard – and Microsoft retains ownership of its intellectual property.) A number of vendors implemented DCOM on Unix, but almost no one ever used it, because DCOM is pretty worthless without a bunch of application-level class libraries, such as ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, and ASP to run on top of it. Microsoft never released these specifications to the public, so these technologies have never been available for Unix. Hence DCOM on Unix faded away into irrelevancy. “

Software AG, Bristol Technology were some of the companies that implemented DCOM on unix and it is true it never really took off. Anne is suggesting

“we start a set of open source projects that essentially duplicate Jakarta (and other Java projects) for Mono. We start with a servlet-like system for C# (Sharplets?). It needs to be sufficiently different from the Java Servlet API – because servlets are Sun proprietary technology. But then we build on the Sharplets foundation: things like Struts, Cocoon, Log4C#, C#Unit, etc.”

Although the idea seems pretty neat, Im not so sure if its that simplistic and there a lot of questions unanswered.

For one MS does not have a JCP like process. And hence there is no umberella under which companies operate? So what would be the reasoning  to drop something like ASP.NET for Sharplets? The typical answer from Microsoft would be “We neither oppose the effort nor subscribe to it” till they realise that its starting to hurt them! and they pull the plug or change their API or underlying architecture.

Wish Anne all the very best and hope this takes off. MS not interfering(Not messing around with their architecture to make sure interoperability becomes an issue) would in itself be victory.!

BTW Anne’s blog is at

Anne used to work @ SUN and Systinet. Subscribed!



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