While I was unplugged

Have been unplugged for a while and bloggin has taken back seat. Just been chilling and taking it easy in life.  Heres what I have been upto while I was gone.

  • Was out on a trip to Lake Michigan. Was awesome! Its a different jumping into the middle of the lake with 3 feet waves 🙂 Pics to be posted soon.
  • Have been spending time with a local club NETIP (Network of Indian Professionals) Pics to be posted soon.
  • Moved to my new apartment.
  • Subscribed my Cable to get ready for 2004 political fanfare!
  • Oops I almost forgot! I got my XBOX!! Its awesome!

It appears a lot has changed in blogsphere while I was gone.

  • Anthony has moved on and out of freeroller. He is using Moveable type. This brings up an interesting quick, do blogs just need simple technology solutions like CGI/Perl? Something to think about.
  • Dave makes an appearance on freeroller as Mr.Roller 😉 I like the idea of freeroller having a blog for itself.
  • Freeroller has been upgraded to 0.9.8. Definitely has improvements, but still has some issues. If you are subscribed to the developers mailing list you will notice a lots happening. Its just been buzzing with activity & I still have faith on this system. Its too bad i have been caught up with life, really wanna contribute to roller.
  • My domain(www.arjunram.net ) has been hijacked. My own stupidity, i delayed the renewal and cuz of the traffic some ass*&() took it.

Anyways its good to be back. Expect a lot of changes in the next week days. Im back in the groove!


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