3 Major problems in Roller

The 3 most annoying problems in roller as of today

  • 404 errors from tomcat(The requested resource (Not Found) is not available.)
You get this error when u access ones site, this is resolved after a couple of refreshs.
  • “You are not authorised to access that resource”
This is the most annoying error! If it
happens when you post an entry, your entry is lost! so one has to copy
the entry to the buffer before posting. This also seems to happen if I
click the edit weblog and settings link. Grr..

  • An unexpected error has occured in Roller and
    has been logged for the Roller administrator.
The log file for Roller must be pretty big now!

Now that I have my DSL back, may be I should try to look into this problem myself.


One thought on “3 Major problems in Roller”

  1. The machine that FR runs on is a potent machine so that is likely not a problem. Last night we saw the Tomcat isntance just freak out and spawn a *lot* of threads that we couldn’t kill. Had to reboot the machine.

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