International bloggers on Freeroller

I have been thinking about this for sometime.In the last few days I have seen folks from various countries signup on Freeroller. I think it would be nice to have a list, isnt this a social network within itself.

Heres some that I know of .. Please add urself in the comments

  • Brazil (CV)
  • Iran (Zulfikar)
  • US(Anthony)
  • India(Me & Others)
  • China(I have seen a few can’t remember)

All this is is the country of origin, so feel free to update the comments list.



7 thoughts on “International bloggers on Freeroller”

  1. Singapore. Home to the world’s most expensive cars (and some of the most expensive housing), the place where chewing gun was banned and Michael Fay was caned, the “fine” city, the place which is trying to undercut others in labour costs and is itself being undercut, and where people drive on the right side of the car and left side of the road, plug into 220V electric outlets, and spell their words with a British convention (colour, labour, etc).

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