How I limit my spam

I was asked by someone how I limit my spam. Way back when I signed up for emails, I signed up for 2 one for my personal emails and the other for registrations. (Yeah, subscriptions were free and I was greedy ;)) Fortunately my organisation my organisation has paid off and I was lucky as well. I use my hotmail for subscriptions and my yahoo for friends and family and I created one at for blogging. I guess Im lucky to a certain extent, hotmail ended up exposing their subscribers to their partners and few years back and my spam shot up. Does this mean I dont get spam at all? No I still do but just a few on my yahoo account. Yahoo does a pretty good job filtering out most of my spam. My hotmail account just has spam and a few subscriptions so I dont worry about it. The space of hotmail is 2MB so if you get a lot of spam and it gets flooded, spam emails are going to bounce back 😉 Im starting to get some spam on my myway account but its not bothering me. Heres my rule of thumb to minimise spam

  • Never ever, use your office email for subscriptions!
  • Use a seperate email address for subscriptions.
  • Use a seperate email address for family/friends.
  • Never use free forwarding services like
  • Never use (the damn account gets flooded with spam)

This does involve more effort to check mail, but you just need to check your account that important 😉


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