Trouble brewing in

Sue Spielman has written a controversial blog entry titled “Outsourcing in my company? I do not think so.” 
Just take one look @ the comments and you would realise a passionate
battle is brewing. She has obviously hit a nerve with this blog entry.
Too bad now looks like one of those message boards in 🙂

Atleast one can walk away satisfied to note that is not being censored.


2 thoughts on “Trouble brewing in”

  1. Outsourcing haters:
    China and India people also pay to buy America’s books, movies.
    What’s your comment about this fact?

    Do you mean Chinese and Indians are fools because they are outsourcing books and movies?

    Or your point is that India pay American is morally right and American pay India is evil?

    D2KSoft, Different and Elegant
    Work more overtime than an offshore coder?
    Or become the smart, tasteful and lazy hacker?

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