Calling all hibernate gurus

A fellow blogger Neil Eyde’s blog is shut down due to problems with hibernate.

For those that care, here is the message that I found at the point that my posts disappeared.
cirrus.hibernate.AssertionFailure: Hibernate has a bug processing collections
Actually the database records weren't deleted. However except for the
primary key of each post, all the other fields are set to null.

Niel Eyde

Please mail him if you have any ideas.. I know Gavin reads freeroller posts, I hope he reads this one.


6 thoughts on “Calling all hibernate gurus”

  1. I have emailed Niel offering help.

    But I am kinda pissed off about this. I’m pretty damn certain that this has to do with bad exception handling in the application that with any bugs in Hibernate.

  2. Gavin,
    Thanks a lot for jumping in. I have noticed that you are always available to help when there is anything needed by users of hibernate, but from time to time I see that it gets personal .. chill buddy .. We all trust ur work.

  3. This is probably occurring as a consequence of using Session AFTER an exception has occurred in the session! This is VERY BAD to do and it is documented in the docs (and written often in the forum) that one should rollback the transaction and abandon the session if any exception occurs during a session!


    And Neil, please just contact us via the hibernate forum if you got anything that could indicate hibernate is to blame (which i think is unlikely in this case – but you never know with software 😉

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