New Logo for Roller Weblogger

A few days back I mailed Dave with my desire to have a new logo for roller

>1. Logo for Roller, I have noticing that this dude ( has been creating some real cool logos and may be we can ask him to create one for roller. If that does not work may be you can post a request for a logo on ur site, Im sure someone would respond.

He responded back

Thats a good idea. The Roller badge and look and feel are pretty amateur (I did them myself). Request a new logo on your blog and I’ll link to you 😉

I sent an email to Bryan and he responded.

Yeah I’d love to help.

I charge $50 an hour. Logos usually take me 2- 4 hours. It depends of how fast we come up with a winning Idea. 🙂

let me know if you’re interested.

We have 2 options, either someone reading this blog is good @ logos and is willing to come up with a design (am sure there someone who can!) or we pool in some money and get the logo done by bryan. Any thoughts?


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