I have been trying to unsuccessfully get DSL @ my new place. The apartment that I moved into told me that SBC had hooked up the complex for service 2 days before I decided to move in. It was good to see “Powered by SBC!” Sign boards. I decided to call the support number to sign up and they end up telling me that my place does not have DSL as yet. They give me another number to contact, which was the emerging products number. The moron who was helping me wanted to fill out an application form with my SSN and stuff. Now why on planet earth would I have to sign an application to figure out if there was DSL connection @ my place or not! Dim-wits! After calling 4 different numbers, I lose my top and end up talking to my apartment manager, she turned out to be even smarter! She wanted me to signup for a basic phone service before I got DSL. The only freaking reason why I need to sign up for local service is cuz DSL is not available seperately! I use my cell phone all the time! So I tell that I wouldnt mind signing up if I knew for sure that I would get DSL. It appears the main computers dont yet understand that DSL is available in the apartment complex. Someone from SBC did call me this afternoon, waiting to hear back from them.. Lets see how it goes ..

Now tell me why on planet earth wont DSL sign up rate grow up! Darn it!! when I geek like me who lives with the web needs to go through all this pain is thinking about giving, Why would a 45 year old lady wanna go through the same pain!

Someone needs to fired! SBC probably lost a few customers due to this goof up! Are you hearing u moron!


2 thoughts on “Mr CEO, SBC!”

  1. I was under the impression that I had unlimited long distance. My bill should have been somewhere around $66, but instead my bill was $89. Reason being, I was charged for 2 months instead of 1 month. My long distance service began in May but I was charged from April. I am very disatisfied with this company’s customer service and I am on a fixes income and I would appreciate a response for my troubles.

  2. i have got nothing but poor service, was told by your people on how to fix a problem it made it worse no one will return my many e-mail for help and using your automated phone system is close to impossiable i just want this issue fixed

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