Holy Crap! Get ready for the final showdown!

Stay out of technology for a few days and you get outdated. It’s just amazing how many developments have taken place in MP3 world.  

Two threads to keep track of here,

  1. Evolution/Maturing of music services by the end of the year.
  2. File Swapping/RIAA hide and seek!

I thought I’ll take the liberty to make a couple of predictions

  1. Mp3 prices are going to come down crashing by the end of the year!
  2. The standard pricing model will not work, you will find the price of the tracks that are popular go up while others come down (The current pricing model does not go well with the artists and hence will not succeed.
  3. File sharing networks will continue to exist and RIAA will continue to play catch up with the new technology (Unless there is a genuine change in attitude in the common man RIAA will not win the battle)
  4. By summer next year, some of these services will cease to exist!
  5. Amazon, Microsoft, AOL (yeah u heard me right, expect AOL to jump in!) will jump in big time!
  6. Yahoo will partner with one/many of these folks to offer this service! Yahoo has the most reach across countries and it makes absolute sense for them to partner with many of these guys.
  7. File swapping battle move to the east and history will play itself again. Remember broadband it taking off big time in India and china.
  8. Expect Music services to popup in the east as well.
  9. The single biggest problem will be the file swapping from users sharing files outside the US. (Who is RIAA going to sue then?) Some of these countries do even have laws in place and hence no law is broken!

However I did have a few questions.

  • Has anyone seen the Ad for movie piracy? I think the Ad did hit a home run, was nicely done. I can’t find a link to it, let me know if know the link.
  • Has anyone tried buymusic.com, I’m really tempted to try it!
  • How’s this dude Mitch Bainwol? Anyone heard of him?

Aahhh, feels good to be back!!


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