One more reason to be part of OpenSource!

Coding even before an interview?

Is this a new trend? When one applied to a company the hiring manager came back with the following

“write something new. It doesn’t have to be extensive. The goal is to impress our developers as to the depth of your technical chops…”

If your are the developer that needs to be impressed (in this case Windows programmer) what would be looking for? What in general about a code would impress you? Would it be the idea or how concise the code would be? Please sound off. Would be interested to hear back from you!

One more reason to be involved in OpenSource!


7 thoughts on “One more reason to be part of OpenSource!”

  1. If its GUI, I would say something simple yet original, like controls in odd shapes (round buttons). If its not GUI, I would do something with windows hooks. where you override WinProc and do something cool (i.e. put your own message in the Title Bar, Every time someone opens a window it displays a webpage w/ yur resume, etc)

  2. Unless they gave me Use Cases for what I should write, I’d decline. Writing programs without specs is a bad idea. If that’s the way they actually program, you don’t want to work there.

  3. if the depth of my technical chops is all you care about then I would never apply for the job in the first place. Secondly anyone can go and scan some OSS libs for decently written code and then mod it enough so it wouldn’t get recognized …
    for me development is 60%tech *but* also 40% social engineering…

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