New Generation of PDAs!

Hubba! hubba! what can I say! Neat eh? (I can see my brother drolling at this one right now :). Time to aspire for this new PDA rather than NZ90 Bro! This has Sony’s own processor! Most of the components are sony made including the memory stick! That might something to think about! Too bad it runs for Palm OS 5.2, I would assume that running Palm OS 6 slated for end of year release would make sense! Why else would one spend 700$ and realise its outdated in 6 months! Too bad its not priced @ 400$ to kick the hiptop’s and danger devices of the world! It has bluetooth and WiFi and all the other goodies. Need to put this one in my Amazon wish list! Any takers 😉 

Update: Want to droll more? Check out



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