and weblogs: The Road ahead

Its been almost a month since and weblogs were started @ Its was a descent start but im afraid that SUN’s starting to start back on it laurels of launching such a service! This aint the time! Although has a impressive set of bloggers, its has not taken an off as it should have. It seems as though many of the bloggers are blogging for the sake of doing it. The topics have been pretty mediocre and it seems to be as though it there is lack of passion. The sad part is even though repeated calls we made for interoperability between and’s weblogs nothing has been done about it. Meanwhile artima is doing a wonderful job of creating Technology Buzz RSS feeds which is similar to JavaBlogs but it across technologies. Fortunately for SUN, the tools for the blogsphere have started to mature (feedster, techborati, etc); its sad to see SUN not take advantage of these tools. Just take one look @ and you will release who behind they are. They are inventing the wheel all over again (ok they have used Oreilly’s blogging technolgy, im not too impressed with it). Whatever happened to reuse? If I were @ SUN managing this, this is what I would be doing:

  • Use’s weblog are parent/umberalla for all Java technology blogs.
  • Use the exisiting blog feeds from and artima’s Technology Buzz RSS feeds 
  • Provide specific RSS feeds to various java technologies.
  • Start JCP community blog (Yeah I would love to see a blog track JCP for me and get the JCP participants to write to that something similar to Mobitopia)
  • Start Java Open Souce community blog (that just talks about opensource java projects out there)
  • Start Java Products blog (Similar to
  • Continue the good job of getting star power to blog on
  • Integrated feedster search with (FYI they use JIVE forums in java forums, so I dont see why they cant do the same for their search. I have always hated their search engine. Now under the if I search for a term I expect the search to happen under weblogs not their whole site!! duh!)
  • Improve content and get folks to address Java/.NET technologies.
  • Reuse existing blog technologies rather than reinventing the wheel all over again. Its time for SUN to realise and use the enthusiastic following which is willing to go out of the way and help!

Why am I being critical? Cuz I care and I think SUN has the capacity to do a better job, just needs to be spanked from time to time!



2 thoughts on “ and weblogs: The Road ahead”

  1. Hi Arjun — I totally agree with you on Great start that just doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. And I have to also echo your sentiments about Sun reinventing the wheel again. I guess it’s just par for the course. Hope it turns around. Cheers and great blog.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful piece about I’m the editor-in-chief for and am happy to get any suggestions for improving the site. As you say, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t take the time to blog about it.

    First, it is still early days for the site. We’ve only been up a month. I’ve been clear in my pieces that we consider the site to be in early beta. There is much that needs to be done and the three partners producing the site (O’Reilly, Collabnet, and Sun) continue to meet to spec out those areas that will be addressed next. As an aside, I am an O’Reilly employee — we manage the content that is featured on the page as feature articles, daily links to other content, news, and blogs.

    One of the areas we are currently working on is the blogging technology. I’m not sure that we’ll be doing all that you are looking for. For example, what Bill is doing at Artima is wonderful. Because of his model it is important to him that he get hits on his site. I’ve consistently linked to content at his site but don’t want to mirror it on ours in a way that wouldn’t support him. I’m not sure what you mean by interoperability, but we are trying to make it easier for our bloggers who blog on multiple sites.

    I would argue that it would be wrong for us to use existing blog feeds from and artima. Like you, I read a ton of blogs in a news reader. The most annoying feeds are the ones that just replicate entries from another site. It means that I’m getting the same posts twice. I think I’m getting another take on a story and then I find that it’s just a pointer to the same story. (this works for us in news because we’re just selecting a story here or there) I am happy having our readers subscribe to javablogs for the fine content that they offer and to for our content.

    As for the JCP — a blog doesn’t have to be the only answer. A JCP wiki has appeared on our site and contains some interesting discussions that clearly are not sanctioned by Sun. There are many ways to participate in open discussions on our site. A blog is not the only tool to use. The same is true about your open source and products suggestions. We may get to a blog, but you can start a wiki page and publicize it today without getting approval from anyone.

    Please email me again anytime,


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