Perfect example of an opensource project!

Whoever said that opensource projects dont have good documentation! If you one of those who have the same misconception that its time you changed your mind! Look @ hibernate! WOW Im impressed! Many companies that charge you boat loads of money dont have such good documentation! Clear Concise and Very well thought off from a user’s perspective! Aint gonna get better than this. kudos! Guys! I can confidently walk up to my boss and pitch this if need be! To the untrained eye the stuff looks like its a company (Site/documentation/etc). As for the product, I have read rave reviews on blogs and Roller uses it as well! Cant wait to see how this works!

In comparison, im pretty dissappointed with MiddleGen (grr … bad!) Although there is documentation it is not well thought of from a user’s perspective. Alright may be my brain is fused, I just cant get the Swing App to work. Has anyone got middlegen swing app to work? May be its late and I got to go home .. Any help is greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Perfect example of an opensource project!”

  1. I use Middlegen in our current project, and we have got it working pretty ok with some customization of its templates.

    What is the problem for you? Having problem getting Middlegen run from within Ant?

    E-mail me, and I can send you some example scripts and configuration.. 🙂

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