Re: Ads and FreeRoller

Anthony wrote about Ads on FreeRoller, I appreciate his thoughts on this issue. However I think I have an interesting twist to this dialogue. As I had mentioned in my post earlier I would like to see how ads works on blogs and want to try it out just as an experienment. What Im not sure is that if this a bandwidth issue or something else.

If its a bandwidth issue, then here is my suggestion:

I will remove all my images on the right pane and place the text Ads and I will donate all the money that comes from the ad revenue to freeroller. I dont even mind anthony signing up for ads and putting it on my blog. Atleast the money can be used to maintain the servers. Would be interesting to try this out for a month.

Again, this is just a suggestion that came to me and I thought I’d throw it out there to see what folks think. Im not going to do it unless Anthony is ok with it. Its a free service that Im using and I would like to play by the rules. However I think its only a matter of time that people get sick of ads in blogs, but its the curiousity thats killing me 😉 Im a curious cat!

Let me know what you folks think about it.

I would like to see Eric, write about his ad revenue if he does not mind (Russell wrote about his stuff, but its important to realise that both of these sites are high volume sites unlike mine)


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