Good Karma: legitimising your mp3s?

Continuing my rant about RIAA/File Swapping Networks, (Yeah I have been thinking a lot of this offlate and Im looking for a job so go ahead and hire me if you want to 🙂 )

To start with I have a question for those using the iTunes service.

How can you differentiate between the songs that you have bought and the ones you download online/from File swapping networks? & What if your hard disk crashes, do you have to purchase them all over again? or does apple keep a record and allows you to download them again for a small fee or free of cost? (Its pretty similar to breaking a CD but then you did not have problems copying CDs did you?)

I think the the most important question that needs to answered is “How do I legitimise my existing mp3s?” I think back home(India) one could pay tax/fine for the black money and covert it into white money(almost sure there is some way in the US as well). Similarly there is no option available as of today for mp3s.

I think I have a solution for this problem. Integration of music organisation with premium services like  iTunes & Pressplay. The company that some neat software for this purpose is moodlogic. I have seen this company grow from its inception and they way they have converted the idea into a company and involved the community is just perfect. I think they are ripe now to be bought over by apple!

Think about it! One wants to classify your mp3s that he/she has collected from these File Swapping networks and while classifying them if they are also given a option of buying these mp3 for a small fee would’nt he/she do it? I bet a lot of people would wanna do it for Good Karma then! This way you are really addressing the problem and sounding reasonable for the end user(File Swapper).

Really like to know what you folks think about it.


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