Exploring music with Amazon/File Swapping networks

Continuing my rant about RIAA/File Swapping Networks

I have started buying more CDs these days! Thanks to the deadly combination of Amazon/File Swapping networks. Let me explain why this is such a deadly combination and why legitimate services like iTunes & Pressplay should implement such a feature. For someone who is exploring new music/genre (in my case New Age), introduction is very important. Amazon does a phenomenal job of introducing by providing 2 features/sections

  • “Customers who bought this title also bought:” This gives a peek into whats popular in that particular genre. For example a newbie to NewAge would know about Enigma. So all he/she needs to do is to search for the artist and start from an album and then keep clicking under “the customers who bought” section to explore for new music! Plain and simple so in my case I was introduced to 2 really cool bands  Amethystium & WaterBone! Think of this as an equivalent to blogrolling in the blogsphere 😉
  • Listmania The other option is the listmania – lists built by the folks in the community. You’d be amazed to find the number of people who create lists and the quality of the collections! So in my case I just had to use the list created by moongoddess. This list gives me a list of whos who in New age as well as whats popular. Neat eh?

While as this is cool, you still wanna listen to the music before you spend 18$ on a CD (Grrr). Its too bad that the amazon just offers 30 second previews which is pretty useless according to me! I’d much rather use Yahoo’s launch(but it does not feature much of music for NewAge) and this is precisely where File Swapping Networks come in.

I download the music and try is out and if I like the CD/numbers I go download to the store and pick it up. I have both the CDs that waterbone have released! But for file swapping Networks I would not have bought these CDs. Although Amazon does a wonderful job of introducing stuff free, it does not offer the complete experience. This is one example where these paid services can capitalise! Bcos even File Swapping Networks dont have some artists that I would like to try out. Amazon has webservice APIs that these services could use to provide a end to end experience. Would’nt it be neat to see these services being integrated into your Windows Media player? Think about not leaving your player and exploring new artists and buying them. Aint that cool? This is the kind of end to end experience that I would like to see these paid services offer and this would definitely draw more and more folks to buy music rather than swap them for free!

But for the File Swapping Networks I would have never purchased CDs of WaterBone let alone hearing about them (Thanks to Amazon). Its about time the RIAA started listening to the community rather than whining about File Swapping!

Bottom line: I buy more CDs these days!


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