After do-not-call, is ‘do not e-mail’ next?

Well well .. its an interesting plan which many would signup for. The question is whether it would work?

British anti-spam activist Steve Linford, founder of the UK-based group Spamhous Project called the United States the “spam capital of the world” at the summit. Some 140 individuals, most of whom are U.S.-based, are responsible for 90 percent of the world’s spam, he claimed.  

Wow! just 140 individuals? Boy they must be millionaires! If you just look @ this number seems like a simple problem to tackle. But Im not it is! You cant apply the same solution to an entirely different problem. What if these guys send emails from a server that exists in some other country where these laws dont apply? And what about porn spam? Im not sure if these bozos are part of the porn spam as well!

There are 2 sides of this coin, the spammers who are making money out of us and the other side are companies trying to solve this problem like MailFrontier. What if spam ceases to exist tommorow! Companies fighting this problem would have close as well 🙂

Playing devil’s advocate, I wonder if some of these companies pay spammers to spam 🙂 (he! he! wicked aint I?)

Either ways its time to start doing something about spam!


One thought on “After do-not-call, is ‘do not e-mail’ next?”

  1. I have to feel bad for the makers of Spam. They make an interestingly congealed salty ham concoction that many people love; but it has been the namesake for a nasty campaign to assault innocent internet-goers with advertising.

    Now the makers of Spam-food are making a product often thought of as a useless, irritating, clogging, offensive pile of garbage, instead of just a can of congealed ham. 😉

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