#1 on google!

Wooohooo! I just realised if someone searches for “Arjun” on google, this blog ranks #1. Awesome! Not bad after 2 months of blogging eh? Nice to see your work pay off! Time to place my resume here 🙂

(P.S: wonder how many people searching for name though ;), its not as common as russell!)


3 thoughts on “#1 on google!”

  1. Congrats. I can see this being really useful in so many ways:
    – Another Arjun decides to hire and wants only Arjuns in his company. You’d be his top pick.
    – Aliens arrive and ask to “bring me your Arjuns”.
    – Arjuns of the world decide to unite and name you their leader.

    Just kidding, been a while since I picked on you 😉


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