Mozilla Firebird tip!

I was playfully clicking the browser while thinking about something and I found a neat short cut for Mozilla Firebird!

If you want to close a tab click the middle button in the mouse. And if you want open a new tab focus the mouse on unoccupied space between the tabs and the close button and Double click the middle button and voila a new tab! cool is it not 😉

(There you go I said it! I qualified Firebird with Mozilla.. hope that makes some of you happy!)


3 thoughts on “Mozilla Firebird tip!”

  1. Beware: A single clck under X will paste the contents of your paste buffer into your browser, so you might be going to URLs you hadn’t intended.

  2. I still like Ctrl-T and Ctrl-F4 to open and close tabs easier, but maybe that’s just me. Thanks for the tip, though – when I get myself a three-button mouse I might consider trying it someday 🙂

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