Do any of the blog software support Internalisation ?

A fellow blogger left a comment on my blog asking about if any of the Blog software support multiple languages(A bi lingual blog). Im not sure of any on top of my head. Does anyone out there know of any that support this?

Dave, Matt, Lance, Anthony does anyone of you know if this is possible in roller? Would be interesting to have bi lingual blog.

BTW Farsi looks neat!


4 thoughts on “Do any of the blog software support Internalisation ?”

  1. Can you be more specific on “a bilingual blog”? Two languages on the same page, or the editor labels internationalized? The is currently a JIRA issue to add a macro for declaring Content-Type to a user’s weblog page…

  2. Hi

    Whenever I post a Farsi article, I have to put something like

    around my post. Actually I have to put at least two of them, one for my title and one for the actual contents. By a bilingual blogging system I mean something that asks me the target language for a post and puts those directioning tags automatically for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. blojsom supports a configurable encoding (defaults to UTF-8) for its blog entries and there is a configurable encoding (defaults to UTF-8) for each of its templates. Support for inserting the proper div tags could easily be accomplished by adding meta-data to the blog entry and then checking for that meta-data in say a plugin to modify the blog entry description to enclose the body of the entry in the div tags.

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