– requests/questions

  • RSS feeds for Projects – Similar to the ones on
  • sign on – Im already a member of the Java Developer connection, why do I have to sign up again for Whatever happened to project liberty and single sign on? This is one area where microsoft is cool. Anyone of their related sites they have passport!
  • Get Java Button –  Why do I have to go thro all the pains of sign agrrements put the button on my blog/site? Also how does this agreement prevent me from picking up the button from a site that displays the button? Sadly when the button is displayed there is no copyright text that is being displayed. Also I dont see a need download the button. Why cant it be plain and simple like blogchalk, just cut and past the HTML and bingo you have the get java icon. Why is it such a big deal? I dont get it!
  • Integration between and – Although I think the number of blogs on is going to grow drastically there is going to be more pain cuz of the model. Already folks are asking for a similar model like These two blog sites are need to coexist and hence SUN needs to work with the community to make sure that their blogs are available on and probably vice versa.
  • More to come ..

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