[JavaONE] Conference 2003 Blogs

Found an bunch of so called blogs on JavaOne conference @ SUN’s site. Interestingly it is posted as forums. This is what they have to say

 The blog architecture is in the style of a bulletin board with blogs posted chronologically and frequently.

Huh? Now why is it called a blog? Where is the RSS feed for the blog? Now is this just a slip up or do these guys who are running it get blogs? You have folks like Bill Day posting rather than blogging!

If the idea is to spread the word (As Jonathan says)to the java world then the best way to do it is to provide RSS feeds to Javablogs.com.


2 thoughts on “[JavaONE] Conference 2003 Blogs”

  1. Of course it maskes sense to have RSS in your blog but to have it a forum style and then calling it a blog is ABSURD according to me. The bigger question is “what constitues a blog?”

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