Winer Bunny ;)

He keeps going and going and going …

Dave Winer is at it again. He claims that he codesigned RSS. May be he did may be he did not but why does he have to talk about it every other week! Agreed the guy has made RSS popular and done a lot of work on it but he keeps going on and on. Is he trying to convince others or trying to convince himself? Can someone put an end to this once for all? May be dave should consider signing up for the Energiser Ad, he’d make a lot of money!

Sorry dave, I had great regard for ya but you just fell from grace in my eyes.


2 thoughts on “Winer Bunny ;)”

  1. Well, when every blogging newbie is picking up on the whining about Winer, he certainly won’t shut up. Ignore him. Start writing up your own thoughts.

  2. actually the work Apple, Ms, Netscape and others did in formats before RSS and during RSS format fromation predates DW’s work..

    The term RSS, RDF Simplified Syndication is Netscapes not DW’s..DW still maintains that RSS is not RDF Simplified Syndication but Really Simple Syndication but his term shows up much later after netscape’s work..

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