Opensource haters

Never seen such a bunch of staunch supporters of Microsoft/Windows and opensource haters! To top it off somethese folks dont know what their talking about!

Analyst Says SCO ‘Proof’ Shows Credible Claim
My impression is that [SCO’s claim] is credible,” says Laura DiDio, a Yankee Group analyst who was shown the evidence by SCO Group earlier this week. “It appears to be the same” code. But DiDio says the developing battle could hinge on legal fine points that are hard to sort out in the current atmosphere of claims, denials, and counterclaims.
Apparently the most telling evidence is that parts of the SCO code and Linux code include identical annotations made by developers when they wrote the programs, says DiDio, who compares such notes to the signature or fingerprint of a developer’s work.

Is she talking about comments here? I’d much rather have techies like Eric Raymond to look @ the source rather than some analyst! Why doesnt SCO go public with it? Its not like some one can going in change the source immediately. I just dont get it!


2 thoughts on “Opensource haters”

  1. well, it’s this kind of knee-jerk reaction that I’d expect from anyone who calls themselves an analysis. Wonder if they did a count on all of the comments that used naughty words banned by the FCC to make their case.

  2. It’s not like the “offending” code could be removed at all. All the past revisions of the code would still exist. You can’t erase history, so the whole “they would change it” argument doesn’t hold up.

    The only reason to not show the offending code is if you DON’T actually want it removed. If you want to rely on the FUD factor then of course you keep your evidence hidden.

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