uninstall TurboTax if ur done with your taxes!

WTF I come back home to see my machine hozed! I look @ the processes that are running and I find a mysterious program CDAC11BA.exe and I google for information and guess what I find

This year, Intuit has gone too far. They have added a copy protection scheme (c-dilla) to Turbo Tax that installs on your computing, running all the time and consuming 1MB of memory. The product includes a product activation similar to that of Windows XP.
They do not inform the user anywhere in the manuals, or the installation process that such intrusion will take place. Your system will be infected by this malware without you knowing.

Cant agree more! This is proposterous! My tax returns are done and im not even running turbo tax anymore.  You should either mention it in the manual or get sued! Its my freaking machine and you have no right to run any process you want! I paid 70$ and I get this kind of treatment.

Anyways make sure you save a copy of your tax return before your uninstall Turbotax! Lesson learnt! Need to google to see if the software that you are buying has any spyware installed.


2 thoughts on “uninstall TurboTax if ur done with your taxes!”

  1. FYI, c-dilla runs as a Service under Windows. You can easily disable it by going to start –> control panel –> settings –> administrative tools –> services, find the c-dilla entry, stop the service and then disable it. Pretty easy to do, not that it makes the installation of the spyware any less lame on the part of Intuit.

  2. Thanks for blogging about it. I can see it running on my box too!I have my own rant with turbo tax. If I remember correctly it installed about 4 or 5 spam icons on my desktop during install. I guess this year is the last I’m ever using Turbo Tax again.

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