Why FireBird rocks!

Joel has write up on his switch to firebird. Firebird really kicks some butt!

  • Tabbed browsing!
  • easy cookie & password management.
  • google integration
  • as joel said, support for IE control characters. (There is a small enhancement needed, can they use trim function to remove extra spaces when one does control on the address bar)

However here are some reasons why I still have to use IE 😦

  1. When I want to do something quick. The startup times for IE are still better
  2. If firebird is running for a long time and you get back to it after meddling with other applications, it takes times to wake up (Waky! Waky! 🙂 )
  3. Some sites dont like Mozilla browsers, they need to have the functionality to spoof sites (like konquerer)
  4. Posting to my blog (use the DHTML editor) till roller supports the RTE

They should come up with a nice name!


3 thoughts on “Why FireBird rocks!”

  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t work if the site requests the browser identification via Javascript. I don’t have the exact call in front of me, but there are sites out there that request it this way, and cannot be spoofed with the User Agent string modification. It’s like my own browser is denying ME access. Bah! 🙂

  2. If a site doesn’t render in firebird (or any of the gecko browsers) then you should file it as an evangelism bug in bugzilla.mozilla.org. They’ll help the developer redesign his website so it works correctly in gecko-based browsers. And sometimes, they’ll implement a hack in the browser to make it more compatible (like implementing parts of IE’s DOM)

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