Clash of Java conferences?

Here the note from Rick Ross of Java lobby :

For many of us the JavaOne expo has just become too expensive and may not deliver the benefits we really want when we take the time and spend the money to attend a developer conference. TheServerSide Symposium will be a smaller, more focused and more affordable alternative which may well be what you have been wanting. I’ll be there the entire weekend and look forward to meeting those of you who are able to attend.

Here are the facts of the both the symposiums

Location Boston Sanfracisco
Price 1895$ 1245$

Dates Jun10-12 Jun27-29

This is what I dont understand, why is Ross trying to pitch one symposium against other. If he thinks that JavaOne is more expensive or unaffordable (600$ more), should’nt he lobby with SUN for the price to be reduced!

From what I understand the price difference is 600$ other than accomodation and travel. So if someone can afford about 1,600$ for Serverside symposium then they would probably be able to afford 2000$ for JavaOne. I dont get his argument of offordability!

The ServerSide symposium seems to have more open source folks and agreed that its a much smaller group. But for Ross to pitch one against the other is plain BS! If Serverside had a comparision chart between JavaOne and their symposium then its a different story! But this seems like folks in one team pulling in multiple directions!

BTW Ross is a keynote speaker @ TheServerSide symposium.

Either ways hope to read up on these symposium in the blogsphere! I hope someone attending either posts updates on their blogs.


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