Epilogue of Browser Wars!

It appears that the finally chapter of the browser war has been written! Works well for both parties. AOL gets som much needed cash to fill its coffers while Microsoft settles the dispute by emptying some of its pocket change 😉 Here are the highlights of the settlement.

(Source News.com)

  1. Microsoft to pay Netscape 750$ million
  2. AOL Time Warner will receive a seven-year, royalty-free license to continue using Internet Explorer
  3. The companies will explore ways for AOL and MSN Messenger to interoperate
  4. AOL Time Warner receives a long-term, nonexclusive license to use Microsoft’s Windows Media 9

The 2 companies that stand to loose by this deal in my opinion are Yahoo and Real. AOL has been using Real media player exclusive on its sites like CNN.com and AOL would probably start using windows media player, while on the other end AOL and MSN would try to eliminate Yahoo on the instant messaging platform! What beats me is that when AOL and microsft mention the following

“The companies will explore ways to increase adoption and distribution of digital media, such as making more digital content available”

Yeah right! sure thing AOL! MS has played it really smart here. They have this issue resolved now they are going to go all out to make sure MSN kicks AOL’s rear end!

Wonder what mozilla folks think about it.. Internet explorer licensing deal probably means that Mozilla is less likely to be included in AOL releases.

All in all, you got to give it MS, they are masters in working the system!


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