Version Manager for Software

I have been thinking about this. With so many software released so often it has been a challenge to keep updated on the releases. As I keep myself updated with technology/news by subscribing to blogs, would’nt it been if one get updated on Version releases? Atleast I think so. So heres how I would like to see it work. I just have a piece of software running on machine where I configure the software that I need to use or require. And when the software is run, it would check for updates with a Server/web site for the software that I have configured. If there are updates then it would be visible on the client with information like version number/URL/Readme/Dependencies. The server would be a community directory/site like dmoz which is built by the community. So if next version of struts is released the directory would be updated with info and and hence relayed to all the clients.

Would this make sense? I wanted to let the idea out into the blogsphere to see what people think. A site like Sourceforge could also implement this.


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