SUN/Oracle a marraige of convenience ?

Webcast of SUN ‘s low cost initiative with Scott & Larry

Here are the highlghts

  • Sun releases low cost servers supposidly cheaper than DELL & HP/IBM. However this initiative seems to aimed at tackling the Dell/Intel/linux combination.
  • Sun & Oracle to have tighter integration between their products (Ex Orion & Oracle collabration suite)
  • Scott finally has the balls to accept that he goofed up on their stratergy on Solaris x86 (Remember the full page Ad) Seems like SUN is taking the x86 platform seriously now!
  • They funningly even talked about the possibility of oracle buy SUN 😉
  • Plenty of Microsoft bashing, what else did ya expect 😉
  • Suprisingly none of the reporters asked about AppServer/database integration!
  • They were totally sucking up to each other. Its only natural!
  • Futher reading here

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