open directory project

I am usually pretty good at using tools and finding out information that I am looking for, but today I realised that I have been using the wrong tool for the information I was looking for. I was looking for GUI designer for XSL documents that can help create XSLFO documents. The 3 prominent ones that usually pop up when you google are FOA, XSLFormatter and Xslfast but I was not pleased I wanted more info when I acidentally reached dmoz/ have used dmoz while using hotbot. Yeah remember hotbot, used to kick butt at one point) thro links and then bingo. Look at the information that I got!

I think one should use the directory while the exact topic is known. Be it XSLFO implementations or tourism in michigan.

Reminds me of the earlier days of looking for information on yahoo!

P.S: dmoz seems to be copyrighted to Netscape! Interesting!


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