Corporate Blogs/RSS feeds

Yesterday while trying to understand the Webservices landscape I noticed something new “Corporate blogs”. Software Companies now have a blog tab on their website and the other RSS feed of their press releases.

It is interesting to see companies use blogging a medium now to address their customers. In this instance CapeScience seems to use blogs to talk about the web services arena in general and also promote their company. Its a phenomenal medium to address your developers. As I start to dig more into corporate blogs, Macromedia seems to the leader in the pack. They even have an XML aggregator  for their blogs. Companies like Microsoft have their bloggers blogging on their technology while others like sun are yet to pick up on blogging.

The important question to me is “who gets to contribute to the corporate blog?”. In bigger companies the contributers would have to be cherri picked(which seems to be case with Macromedia),would also involve Marketing and PR folks and I would think that this would add considerably amount of overhead. While at a smaller firm this such a big deal, I can think about it in terms of my previous employer where one would’nt expect burecracy. In my opinion corporate blogs will serve smaller companies much more than bigger ones in terms of Value-Add. However blogs from Bigger Corporation will help clarify some of the confusion that might already exist. If companies make an earnest effort to address their audience the results would be extrodinary. Blogs give them a unique oppurtunity to address their audience. But will become just another FAD for these companies

Taking a deeper look at these blogs, one will find two kinds of blogs. One which just has a single blog and various contributors and the other which has an aggregator for many blogs. The former would tend to suite the smaller companies while the latter would serve the bigger companies better. There are also blogs that dont have the corporate blessing, which brings a couple of interesting questions

  1. Will Microsoft ever have a corporate XML aggregrator for their blogs?
  2. Do Microsoft bloggers have the corporate blessing?

In a few days I expect companies to ask future employees about their blogs and the non disclosure agreements will include blogs as well. Interestingly, some of these blogs dont have comments. Does this mean that the companies just want these blogs to be one way communication channel?

As for RSS feeds on their press releases I expect sites like PRNewswire  to provide RSS aggregators(Hmm Are there webbased XML aggregators/tools? seems like we might have a market for them soon ;))

Here are some corporate blogs:

Further reading on Corporate blogging

I feel late yet again in keeping up with technology. Oh Well!


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