Have we become google addicts?

Ever noticed how dependent one has become dependent on google. Atleast I have become so, and Russell talks about google being #2 on his list of necessities. Could’nt agree more! have been questioning myself the last couple of days now about getting on the google for almost every other thing. Be it techie questions for error that I get while using partition magic or searching icons/images that I can adapt for my website or a wacky error from a outdated software like HAHTsite , I google! Why fear when google is here! As simple as it may seem,  some people still dont use it when they are stuck with problems. 

The primary reason is for using google is one can find info on google on anything as long as one knows what he/she is looking for!Google also has a nice umbrella of search services be it images or questions on newsgroups or blogs (I hear something is in the works) I think google grows on a person, it has grown on me(I used to use dejanews and google separately) and its only can grow more.

I would like to see the following on google

  • A music tab on google that allows to search for lyrics and song names and preview music. 
  • A shopping tab that searches sites like techbargains.com/edealinfo.com or coupons for local stores 😉
  • A tab to search TV program listing and local radio station programs.
  • heck may be a amazon like tab

then google would become everyone’s home page for sure! and I would end up creating a googleaddicts.com  😉

Now having made my suggestions, What if google ceases to exist tommorow? (Not literally ;)) Heck there will be something else, its a free world! Remember the days when one was tied to altavista.

Information is just a google click away!


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