Palm and RSS readers

These days I read RSS feeds more than news sites. There is wealth of information out there and then there are those lousy meetings that I have to sit thro!! I having been using my palm to sync up my calendar, listen to mp3s and play games till now 😉 Being a avid blogreader (can someone come up with a cooler name than blog reader?) I was looking for a RSS reader for my palm. They were 2 solutions

Blogpluck converts RSS feeds to plucker format documents. Blogpluck is written in Java, uses JGoodies (which provides a polished look & feel) and is available as Web start application(fix/updates are automatic) & a stand alone version. It is authored by Lance Fridel. It imports from OPML files and lets you categorize the blogs.


RSS feeds are meant to be teasers for some which is what most news sites do. But there are instances where you would want to traverse thro the link and read the article. This is especially true if your reading Erik’s blog(He does the browsing for you ;)). Using blogpluck you can traverse thro links in the feeds. Plucker reader is does a awesome job 😉 It is fairly quick & nifty app. Lace has been very prompt in releasing fixes/updates for the app.

Software needed to use Blogpluck

  1. Java 1.4.1
  2. Plucker Viewer (Hires viewer if you are using palm like sony clie)
  3. Space if you read a lot of blogs like me 😉


  1. There are a couple of RSS conversion issues (If you find any mail lance, hes pretty quick to return ur email)
  2. Make sure you disable automatic cache compacting (File->Preferences->HTTP)

I have been using blogpluck from its early release & Lauren has done a wonderful job getting it to where it is today.  Blogpluck is ready for 1.0!! If you have a palm and read blogs this application is a must have!   two thumbs up!

Nice to haves 🙂

  1. Categories being displayed as a Tree
  2. Export RSS feeds as OPML
  3. Index(plucker document) of newly downloaded feeds.
  4. Setup JIRA for Blogpluck.

However with the release of palms with WiFi and bluetooth support the hunt for finding a RSS reader that can download feeds on the palm continues …


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