In my earlier post I rambled about the name “blog reader” not being so cool. I looked around to see if anyone had coined a nice name for Blog reader and I did not find any. So I decided to take the liberty to come up with a cool name myself 😉

can someone come up with a cooler name than blog reader?

“Who is a a Blogreader?”

Blogreader is a avid reader of blogs. Blogreader is also a program/software that reads blogs.

So here it goes, from here on a avid reader of blogs shall be know as a “Blogpundit

why coin a name?

Obviously not everyone has the persistance and perseverance to blog like some. Many like me are more blogreaders than bloggers(my blogging history speaks for itself!) but even while Im not blogging I read blogs. I have been reading blogs for almost 2 years now and it has grown on me, while my blogging attempts have failed miserably. Im positive that there are many alike in the blogsphere. This is my attempt to coin a name for them

Why now?

Cuz Im going thro one of the blogger phases(I have blogged continiously for one week now 🙂 and dont know when it would stop. Make hay while sun shines! (& it does not shine often 😉 )

Why Blogpundit?

Pundit comes from the word pandit (which means a scholor and well read person, has a dravidian origin). A pundit is also someone who has source of opinion.

Are Blogpundits bloggers?

Blogpundits are not always not bloggers! Most blogpundits as the name suggests have opinions which they may or may not their voice thro blogs. Some one like Dave is a Blogpundit and a Blogger!

Now that I have rambled, Any takers?


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