Java/PDF generation

We are currently using Perl/Jetform to generate statements for our customers and I working on redesigning the process with Java. Heres whats known

  • The format of these pages changes every year.
  • The pages contain calculations.
  • The pages are initially designed in Excel (yeah u heard that right, they use excel) and then with jetform.

I looked at iText as a possible solution, but the problem with that there is no GUI to design the page and things have to be done programmatically (Looked @ Jasper reports but does not fit the need). I done want to stick with Jetform. Im also looking @ various frameworks like Cocoon. I was wondering what to folks use to generate forms (which are then populated with data from the DB)

Are there any opensources solutions? Anyone out who has faced a similar problem or have migrated out of Jetform?

If so please send out an email to me @ arjunram_AT_myway_DOT_com


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