Roller update III

BTW, your blog looks really nice now, have Lance asked you for your Roller theme? He should have 😉

Thanks Greg! To be upfront the look & feel of this blog is a cut & paste of lot of other blogs out there. Need to track and figure out which ones so they get the credit that they deserve. As for this being a roller theme, Im humbled! It still have a lot of loose ends to tie but if you just want the CSS file I could email it to you. Please let me know what your thoughts are.

Lance responded to my suggestions

Arjun has several suggestions, but the one about the permalink icon catches my attention. Even though his suggestion is for showEntryPermalink I’m guessing he means the *day* permalink – since currently entry permalinks don’t use icons but rather just text (“#”). Still, this would be a useful feature for both

In Roller 0.9.7 and above we’ve moved to using real Velocimacros, so you’ll be able to override the show[Day|Entry]Permalink() macros with your own implementation. But having a standard macro for this could be useful as well.

There are several other instances for which I can think of such standard macros. For example

  • Login panel being horizontal(like the one found on Matt’s blog) rather being vertical

I realise that roller has a bug/issue tracking link , may be I should start entering my requests there rather than ranting in my blog.

I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve will rant about them in detail soon.


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