Mr. "Blog for thought" now has a name :)

Greg says

Mr. “Blog for thought” asks (I couldn’t find your name anywhere and I don’t want to guess it from the url ;-):

CDH emails

Saw you mentioning this the other day, but I didn’t see your address and you don’t have comments on so I couldn’t get it to you.

Ugo says:

To Arjun: (hoping you’ll read this, since there’s no comments or mailto link on your blog)

Alrite folks Mr “Blog for thought” now has a name 😉 Im starting to like the name Mr”Blog for thought” thanks Greg 🙂

To be frank I never expected so many people to read my blog and boy was I wrong or what! and now someone has even blogrolled me(thanks again greg) I guess I do have something to say. Not bad 😉

P.S : I intend to revamp that my name and email(Guess what I have already been spamed!!)


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