Javablogs & audience

My understanding of JavaBlogs was that people subscribing to those feeds want to hear only about Java. I decided to add my blog cuz my work is related to java and I wanted to rant about it. When one adds a blog onto JavaBlogs, it repeatedly mentions

Your blog must be ‘largely’ to do with Java. One more time for the dummies, your blog must be ‘largely’ to do with Java

Unfortunately I have talked more about blogging and other things than java and surprisingly I have had a very good response from folks. First of all this undoubtedly proves one thing

JavaBlogs has a huge audience

Im sure there are many of you subscribed to this list that want to read only about java (Just like me). But what suprises me more is that *I think* that there is an audience out there(subscribed to this feed) that wants to hear not only about Java but from folks/topic that surround Java. (Please feel to call me a moron if you think Im talking gibbirish but please do mail me I would like to hear your thoughts)

That being said, does it make sense to have 2 feeds one exclusively about Java and the other feed(the current one). I think this would cater to both audiences and onus would be on them to decide which one to subscribe to. 

The bigger question though  “Does this defeat the purpose of Java blogs?”

I have been thinking about this while driving back home and wanted to throw this question out there. Your thoughts?

P.S: A very good candidate for having comments on my blog, I apologize for the incovinience.

P.S: Scott, Im not sure why my RSS feed for javablogs still points my whole blog. I’ve changed the link only to pickup the category catname=Java but does not seem to have an effect.


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