Java Blogs – suggestions & my goof ups

First of all, my apologies I goofed up! I ended up posting the RSS URL for the whole blog rather than just the java catagory of my blog. [ RTFM! 😦 ]

I did go back and correct my entry but for some odd reason I still see my other entries being posted on Java blogs. Im not sure why. Am I missing anything obvious?  Mail me @ arjunram_AT_myway_DOT_com.

I think it would help if a bold note was added in the rules section of add the blog page that says

“Only add the java category of your blog” or add a contraint that the category name has to be Java for Javablogs to be able to add one’s feed. Many of you could argue that just because of one dick head’s mistake why change Javablogs but Im not sure if its just my mistake. I found this problem even this evening as well.

I think it would be a good idea to include the Blog’s name in all entries of the RSS feed

Any thoughts?


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