Blogging's on BillG's Radar Screen

Thro Microsoft watch:

It was just a passing mention. But Chairman Bill noted at yesterday’s Newspaper Association of America Annual Convention that Microsoft is very interested in making sure blogging tools are there to support folks doing “bottom-up publishing.” Microsoft has been sticking its toes in the blogging tools waters, as of late, with everything from a Windows Media 9 blogging plug-in, to its Community Starter Kit, to other goodies under development by some of Microsoft’s best bloggers.

Bill Gates says “

Blogging [lets you] decide if, essentially, your regular diary being there, being accessible to everyone, is a very important thing. In these early years, Microsoft decided we wanted to make sure our technology was very strong for these applications

Hmm interesting. Wonder if Bill would ever blog? Maybe there’s onenote -> blogging integration in the works! who knows 😉


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