Ever had one of those aha moments in life when you realise something out of the blue. I had one this morning.

I was driving down to work listening to NPR’s piece on audio blogging when I received a sms from a friend back home. I started to wonder how it would be to blog thro sms. I was sure that someone out there had already done it. I come into work and google for information, when I run into this 

Moblogger: “This application runs as a background process that monitors a POP3 email account for new email, then downloads it, detaches any files such as pictures, sound or video, uses the Blogger API to post the text in the email to your blog and uses FTP to post the files to your server. Send the email from a phone and you immediately start “moblogging”. (via Ben)

Thats when I remember reading Matt’s piece of adding Moblogger support for Roller. I had read about Moblogger but i guess the idea never sunk in!

Im all for Matt idea for integrating Moblogger into roller as well as Jabber into roller. Would be awesome! I would love to be part of the development!!


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