Roller suggestions – Take II

Dave responded to some of my suggestions. First of all let me apologize for missing a word and coverying something totally out of context. This is what I said

Change the current look to one found on

But this is what I intended to say

Change the current Calendar look to one found on

Hope this clears up things. The reason why I say the calendar looks better cuz

  1. The number of letters are just 2 and hence it looks nicely spaced rather than congested.
  2. Has todays date.
  3. Bottom line, looks better!

I had a couple of requests

  1. In the edit Weblog page I want to be able to switch editor rather than going to settings and changing the settings.
  2. I use the blockquote tag often but i cant use it when Im using the dhtml editor. Is this possible?
  3. I would like to change the permalink gif. The only way that I can see it done now is to change the file like Matt has done but because i use freeroller I cant change the default file. How about having a function like $macros.showEntryPermalink($entry, $image)? or $macros.setPermalinkIcon($image)?

Dave also created roller powered button that I requested for so here it is   🙂 Support roller!

Having asked for these features, I also wanted to volunteer doing development for roller. I have been contemplating contributing to open source for quite sometime but never ended up doing. So Dave let me know if you’d be interested.

Roller rocks!!


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